Welcome to The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Welcome to The Land of Hospitality 


Welcome  to the heart of the middle east, welcome to that country which name comes from the Bible

Welcome to Jordan as they call us Switzerland of the Middle East.

It is a small country with a big heart. A heart that was always open to welcome guests and visitors from all around the world

We want to invite you to a journy back in time to explore the biblical land of the East Jordan river; The land of Amoon , moab , Gilead  and Edom

Lets follow the foot prints of some of those ancient civilizations that lived here and left as ruins to be seen by tourists

The camel caravans will lead us to the lost city of Petra that is half old as time !

Visit wadi Rum to enjoy the endless desert where the sand dunes meets those skyscrapers of sandstone cliffs and get mesmerized by endless sunsets

Or maybe dive among a coral reef in the red sea ! If that is not enough, then follow us to the lowest point on the surface of this planet for a unique experience of floating in the dead sea in one of the many resorts down by the salt lake !

Or maybe visit the Decapolis, to follow the Roman chariots that will lead you some of the best preserved Greek Roman Sites speeded in northern part of Jordan

If you are in the Food tourism, we can delight you with one of the finest collection of restaurants serving a good variety of Mediterranean  healthy food with some of our good wine as well


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